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Season 2017/18


With 8 matches in the season, these matches are held at good venue’s and are very enjoyable. Sadly in recent times the number of members attending these matches has dwindled and the Committee would like to advertise these events to all Female members to attend either at the Ladies Matches or with your Partner at the Mixed Pairs Matches.

To book a place at these Matches, details of which are all shown on the 2016/2017 fixture list in your handbook, or for any queries please call Nick Mitchell on 07970 606558

Attendance to these matches would be greatly appreciated and would help save the events from cancellation.

Ladies Match – Shalford Ponds – 30th September 2017

As the last match of the Season and with the weather not being very favourable, we were not sure how the match would pan out.  On arrival to the venue the water was very high due to the recent rain and the flow between the two lakes was nonexistent with not very much movement from in any swims.  We all set up but it became obvious as the day went along that the weights were not going to be very large.  Even without much catching the day was still enjoyed, as it always is by those present.  The results of the match were as follows

Debbie O’Flynn                                 5lb 5oz

Yoyo Orrin                                       4lb 7oz

Kathy Chisnall                                   1lb 8oz

End of Season Aggregate reports

Ladies Results

Kathy Chisnall                                  30lb 5oz

Debbie O’Flynn                                 17lb 10oz

Yoyo Orrin                                        7lb 0oz

Mixed Pairs Results

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell              84lb 10oz

Debbie & Kevin O’Flynn                       75lb 6oz

Ray & Yoyo Orrin                               14lb 2oz

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Mixed Pairs Match – Windmill Lakes – 9th September 2017

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Previously when we have had a match at Windmill Lakes we usually fish Swan Lake but this year we choose Field Lake.  None of us were really sure what to expect and with the flash flooding only 24 hours before, it was anyone’s guess as to how things would happen but we all waiting with baited breath for the whistle and started the Match to find that with the cold weather, heavy breeze and very little sunshine that the only bait that would temp any fish out was maggots, so silver fish it was.

The final weights were as follows

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell                                     8lb 9oz

Debbie & Kevin O’Flynn                                              1lb 2oz


Mixed Pairs Match – Bicknacre – 19th August 2017

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The day started with us all spread around the lake so we would all be fishing different tactics so see how the fishing went. The water is reported as having all types of fish so we didn't really know what to expect.

The fish were hard to track down with silver fish everywhere and some Bream but the carp were harder to lure in, except for the 'giant' which pulled Nick's rod right off the stand and he followed in quickly afterwards up to his thighs, soaking wet. Needless to say the carp got away. "That won't happen again" he stated, but less than half an hour later it did. The fish may have been small but the entertainment was priceless.

By the end of the day, the finishing weights did not include any carp, but smiles all round for other reasons. The results were as follows

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell                                     8lb 9oz

Debbie & Kevin O’Flynn                                              1lb 2oz


Ladies Match – Straits Mill – 5th August 2017 

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We had a new Lady join us for this match, Wendy, who has been fishing for a while and decided to join us for this Match. The sun was shining and upon checking the swims the smaller fish were more than evident which got us all exited for a good Match. The small fish however soon cooled after the first hour in most of the swims being aware of us catching.  Bream and Tench then came on so there were plenty of species to choose from but these too started to slow down as the weather changed from a lovely sunny day to heavy cloud and then heavy rain for the last hour of the Match.  Yoyo was extra pleased to catch her first Bream, which was really nice.  Once the rain finally stopped we were able to weigh in with Maggots being the bait of the day.  The results were as follows

Kathy Chisnall                                   7lb 1oz

Wendy Upson                                   3lb 1oz

Yoyo Orrin                                        2lb 7oz

Mixed Pairs Match – Rectory Ponds – 8th July 2017

With lovely bright weather we knew that we would be fighting to get the fish interested as all the Carp wanted to do all day was bask in the sunshine and were not really interested in taking any bait.  There were a few bites from the Carp but most of the fishing was achieved by catching silverfish.  The results of the Match were as follows

Debbie & Kevin O’Flynn                                            18lb 11oz

Ray & Yoyo Orrin                                                    12lb 1oz

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell                                     6lb 2oz

Ladies Match – Parsonage Farm – 24th June 2017


It has been a few years since we held a match at this venue but first of all we would like to comment on how wonderful the venue is.  Very well maintained with newly installed platforms and all the swims were well cut back with all of the swims looking very inviting with good access between the reeds.  With the recent hot weather, we were not sure how the fishing would be and how the fish would feed but once they knew there was food they started to appear, especially the Tench as this was all that was in Kathy’s net apart from one Roach and one small Crucian.  Great photo attached. The results of the date were as follows

Kathy Chisnall                                                    19lb 4oz

Debbie O’Flynn                                                 9lb 7oz

Ladies Match – Willow Mere – 3rd June 2017

It is well known that this venue holds a considerable amount of Pike, however what was experienced during this Match was something that could only be described as ‘THE ENEMY BELOW’.  It was much fun seeing who could land any fish with a constant race to pull anything from the water before being attacked.  At one point in a small swim there were as many as 6 reasonable large pike waiting to pounce.  This added to the excitement of the day as to who would win through.  The results were as follows

Kathy Chisnall                                                    3lb 8oz

Debbie O’Flynn                                                  3lb 1oz

Mixed Pairs Match – Hicks Farm – 20th May 2017

Our first Match of the new Season and what a wonderful venue to start things off.  This lake always delivers and right from the starting whistle the fish were on with Carp basking on the surface and feeding well on pellets, sweet corn and paste.  The sun was shining and the geese were squawking all day and the results were as follows

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell                     68lb 3oz

Debbie & Kevin O’Flynn                                48lb 5oz





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