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This page is for members to submit their catch reports on club waters.  Reports should be  emailed to the newsletter editor together with your name and membership number
Please send your Photograph in JPEG or GIF format.
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Reports for Season 01/02



Saturday 17th August, arrived at the Lake just gone six (First ever visit), set up one rod for pop up and one for floating dog biscuit. Had two on
top 4 & 7 pound common and lost one at the net. Nothing at all from the bottom baits Very weedy  

Jon Deeney


Just to report the capture of a 24lb 8oz Common Carp from Bicknacre last night. Fish was in great condition and fought tremendously in the

shallows. After initial strong runs the fish bedded itself in weed bed and sulked. Came out again after I slacked off the line and the fish banked itself

in shallows. Special thanks to Rob Piper for netting, weighing and photographing the fish (I had no weigh scales and no camera!). The Fish was

taken at 8.25 from the Beach swim along with 3 other commons up to 10lb.

Ross Chaplin



I was called over to Bicknacre on Thursday afternoon (24/1/02) as a member had caught a 26lbs 8 oz common carp, and was totally alone on the water. He had already taken carp of 6lbs, 10lbs, another of 6lbs before the big one. Taken on fish meal boilie on a pva stringer(is that right!), the fish was in good condition, and I don't know if it is the 28-pounder or the 25-pounder with weight off or on. Although it was quite a wild day, the water temp had risen over the previous days, and fish large and small were showing everywhere, but with only the one member to catch them. His name is David Redgewick, from Romford, who has also taken 3 x 20's from Bradwell this season plus good days at Barleylands. 

Derek Howard


21st October 01

kings's court

I have only just become a member of  BDAC along with my brother so not knowing where to fish first we set off for kings's court, as it was the nearest to where we live. We hardly had any fish only rudd up until lunch time, but then it all kicked off! My brother and I caught small crucian/carp, Tench and rudd for a total weight of 12 lb, but another member  had crucian/carp and tench for 32lb averaging 1-3lb, fishing close in to the margins using home made paste over pellets and hemp. A total combined weight of 44lb for 5 hours fishing. We all thoroughly enjoyed our day and the lake was in lovely condition.

 Mr S Beresford

Saturday 16 August

Little Easton Fisheries Rectory Pond
Fished little Easton on Saturday 16 August. Had a great day taking 2 Mirror 4lb and 6lb), 4 commons (2lb, 2.5lb, 3lb, 5lb), loads of little crucian and roach with a few skimmers, I was float fishing worm and pellet over a bed of hemp and very fine pellet.

The only problems I had was: 

(1) when I changed to the pole fishing double red maggot as I was shipping out a duck decided he wanted my maggots and ended up snapping my rig.

(2)  being that two fellow members opposite were fishing on the surface with crust and using method feeder, what is wrong with these people can they not read the rules books, its for the good of the club and the wildlife that these rules are obeyed



Little Easton Fisheries Laundry Lake

terry white laundry oct02.jpg (179101 bytes)

22 October 2002

My son Tom fished the junior match at Parsonage and had caught many small Roach but wanted to drop in to Laundry to round off the Day and land some fighting fish. We have fished the left bank deep end near the pump believing that we catch less fish but better quality. Strawberry Boilies and halibut pellets have taken Fish in the 11 - 15lb bracket quite regularly, particularly as afternoon turns to evening. This day proved equally true. Tom landed a Common of 11.5lbs. Tom's Common is quite distinctive, as one section is pale and the remaining colouring darker. The same fish has been caught by Tom before and has since been caught by myself some 4 weeks later - it has been feeding up for winter as it now weighs over 12lb. We have kept a spreadsheet of our catch from laundry and our average fish in 2001 was just over 10lbs but it is now averaging over 11lbs in 2002. see photo of Tom and  the "Laundry Regular" attached. We have enjoyed our sessions at Laundry as they build our confidence with catches ranging from 2 - 8 doubles each visit. With confidence boosted we then  go back to Barleylands and Bradwell village which are much harder waters.

 Terry White

laundrec.jpg (428483 bytes)

26 October

Laundry Lake

This carp was caught at Laundry Lake on Friday 26 October on pellet.  It was fin perfect and had no sign in its mouth of being recently hooked.  It weighed 18 lbs 4 oz which I believe is the biggest to come out of Laundry so far.

Norman Bithell

Rectory Farm  Brdwell

darren.jpg (29735 bytes)

16/3/02 16lb 2oz caught from the wooden landing stage on 14mm yellow opal popup

D Kneller


Rectory Pond

Went to Rectory Pond, Bradwell on Sunday for pike. Did catch, but only small. Back to only 3 or 4 swims again! Although it is not as high as this time last year. With the ground not "as" wet, hopefully the water level will be much better than last June.

Jon Dumont

Fri/Sat 15th/16th March

Started at 16.00 Fri, Finished 17.00 Sat. Fished one of only 3 swims along the right hand side (the wooden landing stage swim)I caught 4 Bream during the night,Steve had 2. (All between 2-4lb,caught on salmon pellet,and the method feeder). During Sat morning, I had 1 Pike of 4lb (on float fished spratt) and at 10.30 a lovely 16lb Mirror(on a 14mm popped up yellow opal boilie), mid-way across to nearest island,about 30 yds.Weather was overcast Very,very muddy Good fishing,but I wish someone would have told us that BDAC had an assault course as well as fisheries. 5 days later,and my legs are still aching

Darren Kneller

1 Oct

Last Tuesday, 1 Oct, George williams and I had a good day at Shalford, with, between us, a good catch of chub to about 2lb, trout to 1lb, and dace.  But how the heck did the carp get into the river? George managed to land a mirror of about 7lbs, and I got totally smashed, not surprising given light trotting tackle and overgrown, weedy stream!

Terry Jones

River Roding Abridge

Sunday 20th January 2002 
Water high fast and coloured Two swan shot on 6lb line size 8 hook with Luncheon Meat Cast to middle of river let few yards of line out and wait for current to take bait under the bank Caught three Chub lost two at net. Cracker at 3lb 8oz Worth a couple of hours, but be patient! 

Arthur Pelling

October 4th

Straits Mill
Fished first 2 swims you come to down main path (small lake behind us) 1 fish caught between 2 of us I caught 2lb Jack Pike on bread No more bites what so ever on Method (Boilies and Salmon Pellets) Very Muddy Darren

SUNDAY 24/02/02





Straits Mill
A member whom two committee members met in mid February, who had a good!! day on the large lake at Straits Mill. He firstly took five tench averaging 5lbs and two perch of 2lbs each, all on single caster, then put out a pike rod, catching two at 15.5 and 19.5 lbs respectively, on half a mackerel.



Had two good days on Southminster pit 6 with my two sons, bagging 21 carp averaging 5 to 7lbs, biggest was 15lb using homemade boilies, fishing far bank features and margins.

 Garry Bacon

Fri 21st Sept

(Night fishing)Pit 6 (Double swim in right hand corner, next to Pit 8)I caught 4 Carp(Common) between 4lb-5lb 14oz Steve caught 10 Carp(7 Common 3 Mirror) between 3lb-7lbAll fish caught on the Method, Grange boilies and Salmon pellets

Darren Kneller

Friday Jan 18th

Windmill Lakes

Started fishing Field Lake (at the Windmill Lakes Complex) at 07.00,finished at 18.00.One fish caught between two of us. 11lb 1oz Mirror on half a Halibut Pellet,on the Helicopter Rig,very little baiting up. Fished in first 2 swims closest to car park

Darren G.

Windmill Lakes

I visited one of the newly acquired Windmill Lakes last Monday, the 17th, presumably Swan Lake. The one closest to the car park. Anyway, I went with my Dad and after a brief walk round found that no one was catching at all. It was windy and cold and despite a few brief sunny spells it stayed like that all day including a couple of down-pours. We saw that no one else seemed to be feeding their swims, why is that? I had four carp to 4 1/2 pounds, my Dad had a Chub over 3 lbs and a Bream of a similar size. At the end of the day we were repeatedly smashed up by bigger fish too. All in all we had a decent day. 

Regards Ian Challis

15th Feb

Field Lake

(O7.00-18.00,Sunny all day) Fished Field Lake again2nd & 4th swims down left hand side(from car park) Pretty cold (puddles iced over when we got there)Steve caught 2 carp(5lb & 7lb) (Mirror&Common) Both fish caught on the Helicopter Rig & Opal flavour, yellow 14mm Boilie cast right out into middle of lake I caught 1 common (8lb) on a small windbeater float,2lb line and 5 maggots on size 16 hook,fished just off the bottom, 25 yards out. All fish were caught after 3pm,and were in brilliant condition,the common carp being almost torpedo in shape

Darren Kneller

Monday 11th March

I Fished the lake nearest the car park on Monday 11th March up until lunchtime but without success.  Moved to the lower lake and caught 7 bream (to 4lbs), 3 tench (to 3lbs) and 2 small carp (to 4lbs).  All fish caught on the quiver tip, using white maggots.

Clive Redhead

17th March

Swan Lake
The last two weeks of the season may prove interesting at Swan Lake, as the larger carp are starting to be taken. Yesterday, 17th March, a regular took a 15lb, very good looking, long fish, and several others were taken on standard carping gear. Although only one rod is allowed, the number of larger fish in Swan appears to attract the carp anglers in the Club. I fished Field Lake and had over 25lbs, 3 x carp to 6lbs, 3 x bream to 3lbs, a tench around 3lbs and a 2lb perch. All on the waggler a long way out with single red maggot tipped with a flouro pinkie, feeding very lightly. Several anglers on Field were fishing as though it were July, using much too much feed, and blanked accordingly

Derek Howard (BDAC Treasurer)


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