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This page is for members to submit their catch reports on club waters.  Reports should be  emailed to the newsletter editor together with your name and membership number
Please send your Photograph in JPEG or GIF format.
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Reports for Season 03/04


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 Having only joined the club this season,and,only recently rediscovered my "passion" for angling, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the chairmans challenge held on 19/20th July.

I was fishing just along from the eventual winner Mark Tucknott, and witnessed all his fish during the 24 hour match. For a while I thought I was in with a chance after landing a beautifully conditioned common carp of 17lbs, but, as most people will already have read in the newsletter, it was my only fish, as the heat and then spectacular thunderstorm seemed to conspire against me.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mark, and everyone else who took part, whether they caught or not, for their perseverance in the prevailing conditions, and, encourage everyone to have a go, as the competition element added an edge to what would have been a frustrating weekend session otherwise, not to mention being able to help a very worthy cause at the same time.

Since the competition I have only fished here three times, and have caught an 18lb common and a 16lb mirror carp, plus a 6lb bream on a boilie!



 I have been fishing here quite a lot in recent weeks, mostly evenings after work, and although I have not been deluged with fish, I have only blanked once.

In conversation with some other members about the lake we inevitably come to the subject of the amount of weed, comments normally take the form of "there's too much weed, I'll wait 'till it dies back a bit", well yes there's a lot of weed, but it just makes it more interesting, and makes you think about your choice of method and tackle!

I have found that by not using a ledger rig, but just 3 swan shot on my mainline allows me to fish on top of the weed and get fish out that I wouldn't normally have a chance at,.so go on try it, its great fun ,and when you get that fish out, large or small, the sense of achievement is very satisfying. My fish from here averaged 10lbs.


 I fished a weekend session here in company of my wife and another member I know only as Glen, on the hottest weekend of the year in more ways than one!

I had five takes, despite the heat, but lost two in the lillies the fish I did land averaged approx 9lbs (we won't mention the duck that took a floating dog biscuit, eventually released uninjured!)

Glen had fourteen fish averaging about 10lbs over just under 24 hours! I'm not going to tell you where from you'll just have to try it for yourselves.

 Here, (hopefully,as I'm new to this computer lark!) are some pictures of some the fish that I have had over the last couple of months, from Bicknacre and Barleylands, and believe me if I can catch like this then you certainly can. so go on, get out there and do it!  

tight lines to you all 

Colin Hodgson   September 03

P.S. Thanks to all the people whom I have met who were only too willing to share their experience and advice with me.


ash.jpg (425428 bytes)

As a new member I hope to try most of the venues, The four venues I've been to so far I've had success, They are:

afternoon session at barleylands had a 13lb mirror & a 12lb common on strawberry boilie

All day session at old lake on windmill complex had a 11lb common on a hair-rigged mini boilie

Morning session at Asheldham had a 9lb common about mid-morning on hair-rigged pellet but due to the hot weather the lake went very quiet so about 2pm

I went to Southminster lakes for the afternoon session after looking around the complex I fished pit 6 & had a 7lb mirror & two 5lb commons all on hair-rigged pellet, Great sessions

Peter Kent

Armigers Lake

12th JULY 2003 Fished Armigers for the first time last week what a session between four of us we caught over 100lb of fish in five hours. Biggest fish went to Samantha  a 14lb mirror carp  second best a 9lb.9oz common caught by Ben, Stacey didn't catch any whoppers but caught mostly 2-3 pounders ,best bait we found to be luncheon meat we will certainly be coming here again.

The Allen family  

21st September


Armigers Lake

Darren Wells, aged 12, with his 16 lb mirror carp caught at Armigers on Sunday 21st September 2003 . Darren tells us that it was caught on the top lake on a warm day using floating bread. He was very excited and plans to visit the lake again to see if he can beat this weight. He would like to know if any other Junior member has caught a bigger fish here

scan0001.jpg (435917 bytes)



I have just spent the afternoon and evening at Asheldham, in the company of my long suffering wife Fiona, it was quite chilly and the wind really made us feel it.

When we arrived at our chosen swim we were surprised to see a large bi-colour linear mirror carp porpoiseing around the bay, however the afternoon was fruitless until 6pm, when, just as I was checking out another spot, my right hand alarm started to sound. A good battle ensued in the darkness and 15 minutes later, after it had taken me into every snag around the bay, a beautifully conditioned wild looking common carp was in the net. It just goes to show that perseverance ,and a nice lump of luncheon meat, pays off.

 Colin Hodgson

asheldhodg.jpg (1179316 bytes)



I live a 2 minute walk away from the asheldham lake and fish it very regularly I have floated fished at the lake with maggots and have had tench and carp on paste  ( the Carp going to 9lb) as well as roach and rudd to 1lb 9oz. I have fished more nights at the lake than I can remember, on bite alarms and have had well ova 100 carp this season up to the weight of 13 pounds mainly on tiger nuts and fruity flavored boilies.. I have also been lucky enough to have a few perch all breaking the 1 pound barrier and up to 1lb 9 oz. As well as fish the lake regularly I visit the lake to check out swims and fish routes and have seen and landed an 18 pound common carp from the lake. I am happy to help out any newcomers to the lake who would like help on fishing the lake just ask and I am usually fishing or walking around the lake somewhere!  


tight lines to all those who fish the lake,
Dave Hall.


Apologies to the captors below I lost their details

PICT1260.JPG (870472 bytes) PICT1321.JPG (853837 bytes)

scan0003.jpg (392943 bytes)

A 3½ lbs perch caught by Stan Carr 

Kings Court Reservoir

Peter Finch with a 3 lbs 2 oz perch 

scan0002.jpg (350682 bytes)

Little Easton Fisheries Rectory Pond

18 January. 

Weather cold and clear, but worth the trip! 2 carp of approx 8lb on bread.

Mark Wicks (2122)

Rectory Ponds
bosso1.jpg (49114 bytes) bosso2.jpg (46726 bytes) bosso3.jpg (49526 bytes)
bosso4.jpg (47817 bytes)

Having had a good season so far at at Rectory Ponds my best fish have been from the same swim in the bottom pond ( June )  many good Carp all weights all day then a Mirror of 11lb 8ozs followed by a nice 16lb 9oz Mirror. 

( July ) Again a very good day then a Mirror of 11lb quicklyfollowed by a new personal best a 17lb 2oz Common.All fish in good condition. All caught on free running lead and hair rigged halibut pellets. 


Little Easton Fisheries Laundry Lake

( November )  tried Laundry Lake one fish a good looking Common at 13lb 14ozs.

Just a short note

I joined my daughter lucy this season, I thought id show you he pb caught at the laundry lake in the summer.

She was over the moon, it weighed 12.5lbs.

The lake has fished very well for me as well. Even a brace in the net at the same time.
Best fishes
Trevor and lucy walker

I have fished Laundry for the last 3 seasons and enjoyed catching carp in a range of 6 to 15.04 lbs. I have recently tried using running rigs on the last 2 visits and have been amazed at the number of twitches and near takes that my previous bolt rig did not register on my swingers. Whilst I have lost more fish I also feel I am initially hooking more as I now get more indication. On a short session ( I had agreed to pick my son Tom up at Stansted Airport) on Sunday 7th September I increased my best to 16lbs 14oz from this lake and thank the member in the next swim for taking the photo below.  

Terry White

laundry1614.jpg (119398 bytes)

Parsonage Farm Reservoir

Fishing Parsonage Farm for the 2nd time. I arrived mid afternoon June 25th 03. Started off ledgering and as before lots of bites producing Skimmers and Rudd. At about 6pm I changed over to a piece of peacock quill a size 12 hook and a large piece of luncheon meat fished on the lift method. The lake was now perfectly still with a few feeding bubbles beginning to rise. At 8 20pm after a few more skimmers the float shot up and over and resulted in a 7 1/4lb Tench ! Perfect days fishing.

Geoff Owen 


I visited Shalford on Sunday 1st February intending to fish the river, armed with my 18ft trotting rod and 3 pints of maggots. Going up the valley, it was obvious very quickly that I would not be river fishing that day, as the banks were indistinguishable from the fields for much of the river's length. So I went on to the ponds behind the church, firstly fishing the bottom pond, which was a bit slow, and then walking four metres behind me to sit down on the top pond which seemed more coloured. The reason for this became apparent, when I spent the rest of the day experiencing a bite a cast. It should be borne in mind that this was only a few days after the mini freeze at the end of January, but the weather was mild (13"C), sunny and the overnight winds had abated--very pleasant for the first day of February. My catch of 101 fish consisted of 1 chublet, 35 roach up to 10 ozs, and 65 carp up to over 1 lb. If I had been geared up to fish a lake, with a pole, etc, the catch would have been much more.

The whole point of my mentioning this catch, which is unremarkable for this popular BDAC Club water, is that I did not speak to another soul all day, BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY MEMBER THERE ALL DAY!  In a Club of 4400 members, I find it amazing that there were no other members willing to go out on a warm Sunday in winter, to find fish crawling up you rod, using a single maggot just a few rod lengths out, on a water with nearby parking, clean banks and a nice toilet!

I just hope that we see more members on our waters before the end of March, otherwise we will have to provide our fish with food parcels in the Close Season!  

Get out there,

Straits Mill
My first ever Pike, caught on a small gold lure at Straits Mill at the beginning of the year.
lukefish.jpg (72318 bytes)
Luke Harman


Saturday 12th July Darren Knott aged 15 caught a 14lb, 16lb, 12lb and a 9lb  carp all on pit 6  using scopex boilies.

Windmill Lakes
benallen 1.jpg (622254 bytes) benallen3.jpg (564984 bytes)  
21-4-2 carp caught by Ben Allen   10-09 carp  
benallen4.jpg (437592 bytes) robertallen2.jpg (514016 bytes)  
11-04-02 carp 13-08-02 carp caught by Ben's dad Robert 
  All caught at Field Lake, Windmill Lakes on 14th August 2003.

field 1.JPG (45517 bytes)


12lb 8oz mirror from Field lake caught on sinking bread on     5/7/03


Stephen Cook

im000037.jpg (75888 bytes)
Elizabeth and I fished island lake on 25/8/03. At 3pm she caught 4 lb, 8lb 4ozand 11lb 4 oz common carp on dog biscuit.


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