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26 October 2018 - Dodds Farm

A great afternoon at Dodds Farm Ingatestone, Mr Blue Richardson, age 12 caught a 22lb, 16.5lb & 18lb mirror carp. Pleased as punch is an understatement!!

15 October 2018 - Dodds Farm

Great catch young Mikey Richardson 9 years old - first days fishing at Dodds Farm, Ingatestone 14lb mirror carp on a float with maggots. Very proud young man!! 

3 October 2018 - A 20lb Carp caught at Straits Mill. Jessica Rumbelow

8 September 2018 - Thoby Wood

21.7lb common caught at Thoby Wood in lovely condition.
Kevin Saunders

18 August 2018 - Ladies and Junior Match catches

5lb Tench caught by Layla Mortimer at Thoby Wood at Juniors Match on 18.8.18

 6lb 2oz Tench caught by Jasmine Wilkinson at Thoby Wood at Juniors Match on 18.8.18

 4lb 5oz Bream caught by Hannah Dakin at Thoby Wood at Juniors Match on 18.8.18

 6lb 7oz Tench was a Personal Best Tench for Kathy Chisnall caught at Thoby Wood at Mixed Pairs Match on 18.8.18

16 June 2018 - River Wid Writtle 16/17th June 2018

The open season/weekend on the river Wid saw a few new members trying this delightful stretch of water.  Although river levels were low – following weeks with no rain – everyone managed to find a suitable swim. Big thanks to my bailiff Barry for his efforts scything nettles and cutting weeds.  Red maggot scored but if the minnows got too much a switch to bigger baits worm, luncheon meat or sweetcorn proved productive.

Dace, chub, roach and perch are the prevalent species, for bigger fish try the deeper darker pools.   

Fishery Officer Peter Yates

15 June 2018 - Asheldham

 This was caught today from Asheldham. A lovely 16.4lb common Carp. Unfortunately no one else here to get a photo of me holding it.  I also landed another fish at 11.7lb. 
Robert Carrington

18 May 2018 - Dodds Farm

Mid May 2nd year member personal best after 45 years angling  15:2 mirror, Dodds farm lower lake last cast of day after blanking all day. Lesson learned be patient!!

1 May 2018 - First fish of the season from Straits Mill

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1 May 2018 - Jackletts Farm

Hi my name is jack Coles,  I am a  carp fisherman and my latest trip on the 1st of May I went to  Jackletts fishing lake and I got a 27  pound common carp.

I fished in the car park swim next to the reeds and fished a bout 4 rod length out and I used a bottom bait with a tip off on a helicopter rig




Tuesday 25 December 2018 at Willow Mere

Wednesday 26 December 2018 at Willow Mere

Sunday 6 January 2019 at Reserve

Wednesday 20 March 2019 at Southminster