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Introduction of car parking charges at Fishers Green

The non fishery managers at Lee Valley Regional Park have decided to introduce car parking charges at a number of sites across the park in order to generate additional revenue. This is partly due to local authority councillors sitting on the management board deciding to reduce the amount their authorities have to payto run the park. under the act of parliament that set up the park in the 1960s.

Charges will be made using an ANPR camera installation in the two authority car parks (Fishers Green and Hooks Marsh) but not the anglers car parks behind the anglers padlocked gate at Stubbins Hall Lane. 

Fishers Green

  1. Cameras: 1st Camera logs vehicle moment in of all, The 2ndCamera logs movement of Anglers vehicles: the 3rd Camera logs all movement of visitors to F/Green Sailing Club, therefore any vehicles not appearing on cameras 2 & 3 will be charged as they will be logged as using the main car park.
  2. Consideration is being given to a secondary/inner car park option inside the anglers gate, however this will probably need a planning application to both EFDC and Natural England, therefore will take a time to process.
  3. Unfortunately all vehicles going into the main Fishers Green Car Park (see 1) will be charged after one hour commencing 9thMarch 2018
  4. This applies anytime during any 24 hour period.


Hooks Marsh

  1. The park is currently in contact with the Corporation of London regarding the use of the Police Pit Car Park at the bottom right of Fishers Green Lane.
  2. There may be the option to explore the possibility of using a section of Chapmans Field on Left hand side going down Fishers Green Lane however this as in 2) above will require planning permission. Unfortunately  LVRP start from this point in time in regard to submission of the relevant planning applications which shall require both assistance and cooperation from others within the Authority.
  3. Finally if you wish to make submission of a complaint, this is where these should be directed: 03000 030610

Keepnet Ban

With the exception of official BDAC matches (see handbook) keepnets are banned on all fisheries until further notice, due to a KHV outbreak in Essex. Please ensure landing nets, stink bags, carp mats, weigh slings etc are dried in sunlight before bringing them to club waters.

Hicks Farm Baliffs

 Volunteer bailiffs needed, please contact Robin Driscoll 07732-695586.

Straits Mill Braintree

There are some trees down on the top part of the River at Straits Mill and some that have not made their minds up yet, consequently I have decided to close that part of the river until we can sort it out, the club urges everyone that visits any Fishery to be careful if there are strong winds . Geoff Latham
Straits trees 2
Straits trees 1

Renewing Your Membership for 2018/19

Please note: Current members will receive their renewal document during the last part of February along with their copy of the Club’s annual newsletter. They need do nothing until they receive these and only contact the Helpline if they haven’t got this by the middle of March.

Shalford Ponds

 2/1/2018 Shalford church ponds are closed until further notice as the owner is carrying out maintenance work to improve the ponds and may take up to 3 months.
Shalford road lakes and river are still open.

Night Fishing at Barleylands and Laundry Lake

From 1st May 2018 an additional permit will be required to fish at Barleylands, Crays Hill & Laundry Lake, Little Easton between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. This has been introduced for the welfare of the carp at both waters, and to avoid angling pressure caused by overcrowding.

Please apply for this permit at the time of joining/renewing. Night fishing at Barleylands is available to existing members at no extra cost until 31st March 2018. Night fishing at Laundry Lake is only available from 1st May 2018, and is on a one season trial basis.

A single fee for each water will be £40, but for those wishing to night fish both the discounted fee will be £60.


Leaving gates open WILL lose Club waters, and anyone found leaving or entering fisheries without locking our gates WILL face serious disciplinary action from the Committee.


With 6 matches in the season, these matches are held at good venues and are very enjoyable, details of which will be shown on the fixture list in your 2018/19 handbook. Sadly in recent times the number of members attending these matches has dwindled and the Committee would like to advertise these events to all Female members to attend either at the Ladies Matches or with your Partner at the Mixed Pairs Matches.

To book a place at these Matches, details of which are all shown on the 2017/2018 fixture list in your handbook, or for any queries please call Nick Mitchell on 07970 606558

Attendance to these matches would be greatly appreciated and would help save the events from cancellation