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Junior Match Secretary's Report

Season 2017/18

Windmill Lakes Field Lake

We had two Juniors attending this match due to holidays, but with a lovely sunny day, they enjoyed catches of silverfish as well as Jasmine catching a lovely Bream weighing 4lb and Hannah catching a mirror Carp weighing 8lb 4oz  Both juniors handled these larger fish very well and some great photos are attached.  We know that there are plenty of Junior members out there and it would be great to see more attending these matches.  Everyone has a great day and there is plenty of help if it is needed and every junior attending gets a prize. The weights at the end of the match were as follows also with some weighing in photos and their prizes.

Hannah Dakin                                                    14lb 7oz                inc 8lb 4oz Carp

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           8lb 5oz                  inc 4lb Bream

Parsonage Farm

We had three juniors attending this match which was great again and the competition between our junior members is really good and no matter what the venue the banter is always fun and it’s enjoyable to watch these young anglers progressing.  You never really know how this venue will fish day to day and this day was no change.  It appeared quite early on that this was going to be a day of smaller fish but the juniors kept going throughout the day and the results were as below.  We would also like to congratulate Jasmine to keep going all day even though she is working through some health issues.  Well done to all three Juniors.  Some photos of the day and the Juniors with their prizes are attached.


Jasmine Wilkinson           10lb 9oz
Hannah Dakin                    5lb 7oz 
Brody Sherman                 4lb 8oz

Dodds Farm

Sadly due to various reasons, we only had one junior attending this match, which was a great shame. Brody attended and was very keen from the start of the match and what Brody perhaps lacks with experience he more than makes up for with enthusiasm. The sun was shining all day but unfortunately the fish were not interested in doing much feeding so although this venue usually produces well by the time the match started at 10am they had all gone elsewhere. Attached are some photos of Brody fishing and collecting his prize bundle.

At the end of the day Brody's finishing weight was as follows

Brody Sherman                 1lb 7oz

Hicks Farm

First match of the season and we had a really enjoyable match with three juniors in attendance. It was really great to have some new junior members join in. Hannah Dakin our successful match contender from last year was joined by Jasmine Wilkinson and Brody Sherman. The weather started out well but yet again the British weather let us down and sadly we had rain throughout the whole match but no-one let it bother them and everyone persevered  for the whole match and managed to catch fish during the bad weather. Most of the fish caught were silverfish but Brody caught a 3lb 6oz carp which was wonderful for his first match attendance.

The end results were as follows

Hannah Dakin                    7lb 4oz 
Jasmine Wilkinson           5lb 14oz
Brody Sherman                 5lb 1oz




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