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Junior Match Secretary's Report

Season 2019/20

Dodds Farm

We had Six Junior members attending this Match with another new member, Harry Moore, so welcome Harry.  The extreme hot weather meant that the whole day was going to be a struggle, with regards to fishing and the Juniors to keep going, but everyone continued for the whole match and all weights caught were very close except for Jasmine, whose only fish was a 15lb 2oz carp so it does show that one fish can make all the difference.  The results of the day were as follows with photos

Jasmine Wilkinson                           15lb 2oz

Riley Joy                                            4lb 2oz

Harrison Lincoln                                3lb 5oz

Fraya Dakin                                        2lb 4oz

Harry Moore                                       1lb 8oz

Hannah Dakin                                     1lb 4oz

Shalford Road Ponds 15th June 2019

The match started before the whistle went with young Lalya taking a dip in the lake together with her chair with her boots floating out to the middle of the lake.  Thankfully it was only two foot deep and only up to her waist but she thought it was so funny and her boots were rescued before the went beyond the length of a landing net.  Thankful the horrible weather that we have recently had stayed away and the juniors were able to fish all day without their umbrella’s.  As previously all of our junior members caught fish with some lovely specimens of golden Rudd and Perch with most being caught on maggots and pellets.  The results at the end of the day were as below and there are some great photos.

 Jasmine Wilkinson                           17lb 9oz

Fraya Dakin                                         12lb 4oz

Layla Mortimer                                 5lb 3oz

Riley Joy                                               4lb 9oz

Hannah Dakin                                    3lb 1oz

Brody Sherman                                 1lb 2oz

Parsonage Farm - 1st June 2019

Another wonderful day for fishing at this great venue.  As always everything has been well kept and looked after with some additional swims being built, so well done to everyone involved in this.  We had six Junior members attending this match and even with the hot weather, every single Junior was very enthusiastic and fished the whole match, which was really good to see. Sadly, due to the intense heat the Tench which are usually so obvious at this venue, came few and far between so a lot of the fish caught were Roach, Rudd and Perch.  We had a new winner after we weighed in and on only his second match attendance Riley Joy won on the day. Weights and Photos below
Riley Joy                  10lb 6oz
Hannah Dakin            8lb 0oz
Fraya Dakin                7lb 9oz
Oscar Crissey              7lb 2oz
Jasmine Wilkinson      5lb 7oz
Brody Sherman           2lb 9oz

Hicks Farm - 11th May 2019

The 2019/2020 season began with a Junior Match held at Hicks Farm which is always a good days fishing.  We had a wonderful turnout of Seven Juniors and we welcomed two new Match members, Riley Joy and Oscar Crissey.  The weather was the usual up and down for May in the UK however this did not dampen anyone's spirits and good fishing was enjoyed by all our Junior members with
some wonderful fish caught.  Here are some great photos of all our Junior members having a great day.  The results were as follows
Hannah Dakin               44lb 0oz
Brody Sherman            26lb 0oz
Riley Joy                      24lb 0oz
Jasmine Wilkinson      18lb 9oz
Oscar Crissey              18lb 0oz
Fraya Dakin                 14lb 15oz
Harrison Lincoln          12lb 6oz
Also, a big thanks to Alan from the Thurrock Decathlon Sports store for donating some of the junior prizes




Wednesday 17 July 2019 at Bicknacre

Saturday 20 July 2019 at Straits mill

Sunday 21 July 2019 at Straits mill

Sunday 21 July 2019 at Thoby Wood

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