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Junior Match Secretary's Report

Season 2018/19

Shalford Church Ponds - 29th

 It was the last match of the season and we had a wonderful turnout for this match. We were more than happy to welcome a new member to our Junior Matches, Harrison Lincoln, as well as another five Junior members, so it was really fulfilling to have one of the Lakes full of Juniors fishing and eager for the competition to begin.  With the weather changes recently sadly this venue did not produce the weights that have previously been caught but all of the Juniors continued though the whole day, fishing continuously and keeping an eye on the competition.

On all of the Junior Matches, prizes are given to every Junior who attends regardless of their finishing position, however as this was the last match of the season, we had a prize giving of all the items which had been donated for the Juniors.

The finishing weights of the day were as follows with some great photos too.

 Brody Sherman                                                 5lb 14oz

Layla Mortimer                                                 4lb 13oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           4lb 1oz

Fraya Dakin                                                         3lb 9oz

Harrison Lincoln                                                2lb 0oz

Hannah Dakin                                                    0lb 0oz

 Once the weights were calculated we were also able to announce the Aggregate Winner of the Junior Matches this Season and we are pleased to report that Jasmine Wilkinson was the overall winner and she was given her winning prize of a fishing chair and a personalised cap.

Parsonage Farm

Parsonage Farm – 8th September 2018

It was the second Match of the Season to take place at this lovely venue and we had four very excited young Ladies attend for this Match, all raring to go from the drawn onwards.  This encouraging attitude continued throughout the day with all Juniors enjoying this lovely venue and varied fishing, with various species of fish being caught and of course lost! The results of the day were as below with some great photos too of weighing in and the Juniors with their prizes.

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           8lb 5oz

Fraya Dakin                                                      7lb 10oz

Hannah Dakin                                                    6lb 2oz

Evie Mead                                                           3lb 9oz

Thoby Wood

Thoby Wood – 18th August 2018

We had another two new members join us for this Match which is wonderful so we had a total of five Juniors attending this match.  All very enthusiastic young Ladies.  The water looked wonderful with loads of features and wildlife which was very inviting.  The fishing varied across the Lake, however we have a good showing of Rouch, Rudd, Breach and Tench.  We also had some unwelcome Pike which made the day interesting.  We had some good specimen of Tench and Bream with a 5lb Tench for Layla, a 4.5lb Bream for Hannah and a 6.2lb Tench for Jasmine.  A very enjoyable day was had by all.  Here are some photos of the specimen fish and weighing in with the girls plus a great photo of them all together with their prizes for the day.  Congratulations to Layla on winning her first Match.

Layla Mortimer                                                 9lb 9oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           9lb 7oz

Hannah Dakin                                                    6lb 8oz

Fraya Dakin                                                         2lb 0oz

Evie Mead                                                           1lb 9oz

Straits Mill

Small Lake 28th July 2018

We had three young Ladies at our Junior Match, including a new member, Evie Mead, who only joined a few months ago with her Dad and attending this Match as her first taste of the ‘Match scene’.

The hot weather that we have had for the last many weeks started to ease, which made the fishing a little easier and the small lake did not disappoint with all different species being caught, Rudd, Roach, Perch and Tench.

All of our young Ladies showed great enthusiasm, as always, through the quite periods and enjoyed the health competition between them.  We know that there are plenty of other Junior members, including loads of Boys, so why not come along and show us what you can do.  The finishing weights were as follows with some photos from the day including Evie and her first Tench.  Congratulations to Evie on winning her first Match.  Also there is a photo of Jasmine on her new Box which was donated to the Club for Junior members.

Evie Mead                                                           7lb 7oz

Hannah Dakin                                                    5lb 7oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           3lb 6oz


Sadly, the date of this Match date clashed heavily with England’s match in the World Cup, Silverstone Grand Prix weekend and of course holidays with the lovely weather, which meant that sadly we only had one Junior attending.  Even though Jasmine was on her own, she fished well all day and really enjoyed herself.  At the end of the day her finishing weight was as follows.  She was pleased with her day and her prize package for attending, see the attached photos.

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           7lb 7oz

Windmill Lakes Field Lake

We had two Juniors attending this match due to holidays, but with a lovely sunny day, they enjoyed catches of silverfish as well as Jasmine catching a lovely Bream weighing 4lb and Hannah catching a mirror Carp weighing 8lb 4oz  Both juniors handled these larger fish very well and some great photos are attached.  We know that there are plenty of Junior members out there and it would be great to see more attending these matches.  Everyone has a great day and there is plenty of help if it is needed and every junior attending gets a prize. The weights at the end of the match were as follows also with some weighing in photos and their prizes.

Hannah Dakin                                                    14lb 7oz                inc 8lb 4oz Carp

Jasmine Wilkinson                                           8lb 5oz                  inc 4lb Bream

Parsonage Farm

We had three juniors attending this match which was great again and the competition between our junior members is really good and no matter what the venue the banter is always fun and it’s enjoyable to watch these young anglers progressing.  You never really know how this venue will fish day to day and this day was no change.  It appeared quite early on that this was going to be a day of smaller fish but the juniors kept going throughout the day and the results were as below.  We would also like to congratulate Jasmine to keep going all day even though she is working through some health issues.  Well done to all three Juniors.  Some photos of the day and the Juniors with their prizes are attached.


Jasmine Wilkinson           10lb 9oz
Hannah Dakin                    5lb 7oz 
Brody Sherman                 4lb 8oz

Dodds Farm

Sadly due to various reasons, we only had one junior attending this match, which was a great shame. Brody attended and was very keen from the start of the match and what Brody perhaps lacks with experience he more than makes up for with enthusiasm. The sun was shining all day but unfortunately the fish were not interested in doing much feeding so although this venue usually produces well by the time the match started at 10am they had all gone elsewhere. Attached are some photos of Brody fishing and collecting his prize bundle.

At the end of the day Brody's finishing weight was as follows

Brody Sherman                 1lb 7oz

Hicks Farm

First match of the season and we had a really enjoyable match with three juniors in attendance. It was really great to have some new junior members join in. Hannah Dakin our successful match contender from last year was joined by Jasmine Wilkinson and Brody Sherman. The weather started out well but yet again the British weather let us down and sadly we had rain throughout the whole match but no-one let it bother them and everyone persevered  for the whole match and managed to catch fish during the bad weather. Most of the fish caught were silverfish but Brody caught a 3lb 6oz carp which was wonderful for his first match attendance.

The end results were as follows

Hannah Dakin                    7lb 4oz 
Jasmine Wilkinson           5lb 14oz
Brody Sherman                 5lb 1oz




Saturday 1 June 2019 at Parsonage Farm

Saturday 1 June 2019 at Parsonage Farm

Sunday 2 June 2019 at Rayne Lodge

Wednesday 5 June 2019 at Parsonage Farm

Saturday 15 June 2019 at Shalford Road Lakes