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Membership Closure

2022/23 membership will be closed on Thursday 30th June 2022

Barleylands closure

Barleylands will be shut to members from 6am until 2pm on Monday 20th June 2022 whilst the grass is being cut.

Thoby Wood and Swan lake maintenance work

The left hand bank of Thoby Wood is closed on Thursday 16th June as the owner is carrying out maintenance work removing some trees from the managed woodland and a couple of trees at the far end of the lake in the no fishing area.  He will also be removing the four fallen willows at swan lake on the same day.


Barleylands - Change of rules 23/5/22

Due to abuse, General Byelaw 34 no longer applies at Barleylands. Until further notice "No member shall leave the fishery (Barleylands) for more than 90 minutes in any 24 hour period by order of the club committee.”

Junior/Mixed Pairs match Southminster 2nd July

These matches have been moved from Pit 9 to Pit1.

Fishers Green Consortium Walk Around

The Consortium committee will be doing the river walk round again this year on the Saturday before the season starts, June 11th. Meeting in the middle car park at 9am. If you want some inside information on the fisheries, them it will be a morning well spent.

Slipe Lane Pits

The Turnford Consortium fisheries committee have taken the decision to temporary close the fishery at Slipe lane. The carp on all 4 lakes have started to spawn and the decision to close the fishery was taken with the fishes welfare in mind. We will let you know as soon as the closure is lifted, hopefully in a few days.

Geoff Latham

 Unfortunately former BDAC committee member Geoff Latham was taken ill last week and would like to express his thanks to Dave Wilson and Ricky Howe for all their help at the time. The committee send their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Turnford Consortium Gate Code

The current gate code on your 22/23 permit is wrong. Please contact the club helpline for the working number.

Night Tickets

12/4/22 All night tickets for the 22/23 season have been sold

Angling Coaching Initiative needs Volunteers

NO QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED! Just experienced anglers! 

I wanted to give you the new coach’s a brief introduction to how you’ll be spending your days with us.  Every new coach will be paired with another more experienced volunteer, you’ll set up in adjacent swims so he’s there for advice and help. 

Contact details are on our flyer

Thank You

Chris Burt

Malcolm Barker Lake

The water share with Bishops Stortford & DAS Malcolm Barker Lake is closed until further notice due to a fish kill and that the EA are looking into the cause of the fish deaths

24hr Charity Carp Match at Laundry Lake 2nd-3rd April 2022 2pm-2pm

We are holding a 24hr Charity Carp Match at Laundry Lake on the 2nd/3rd April 2022.

The reason behind this is to catch as many the small fish under 8lb, as possible. some of which will go off to be health checked and the rest will go into a holding tank to be transferred to the owner’s other lake.

20 Swims will be allocated. To apply please send your name and mobile number to the Fisheries Officer Steve Smith by 25th March at the latest.

All names will be put into a hat and 20 names picked out. This will be videoed so everyone can see it’s done fairly.

After this first draw, participants will be notified and must confirm their availability to take part.

On the day all the swims will be numbered and again a draw will take place to allocate the swims.



Recording cards will be provided


There will be 3 prizes:

1st _ for the most fish caught regardless of weight

2nd – for the largest/heaviest fish caught

3rd – for heaviest combined weight of fish caught


All participants should be on site by 11am on the 2nd April. The draw for swims will take place at 11.30 am that should give participants plenty of time to set up for a 2pm start.

Optional Breakfast rolls will be available on the Sunday morning. Orders will be taken on the Saturday so these can be prepared and delivered to your swim at a small charge.

Look forward to hearing from you all – Steve Smith BDAC

Night Tickets 27th February 2022

Night tickets for Barleylands have now sold out, and renewing members should not send additional money to cover these.
Only a very few Laundry Lake night tickets are left, and may well sell out by Sunday evening.

Thoby wood Stocking 12/2/2022

photo's of the stocking of some of the 1000 Rudd that went into Thoby Wood today.

Straits Mill Stocking

Some of the 24 carp stocked in Straits Mill 6/2/2022

Field and Swan Lakes Flooded

 Field and Swan lakes are flooded many of the platforms are under water also banks are very slippery.

Outlaw Pro Members offer

As a special early promotion for any one from the Billericay and District Angling Club, you can now come in store and claim a FREE 5kg BAG of Outlaw Pro golden breadcrumb ground bait. (No purchase required)
And don't forget, you can also claim your FREE Outlaw Pro Membership Card (Normally £10) when you present your BDAC membership card at the till. (You will get 10% Discount on all Outlaw Pro products and 5% off every other brand for 12 months)

Guest Passes: change of notice period

As of 22nd June 2021 members requesting Guest Passes must give 72 hours notice. This change supercedes the 24 hours stated in the 21/22 club handbook and February 21 Newsletter

Ladies and Mixed Pairs Matches

With 9 matches in the season, these matches are held at good venues and are very enjoyable, details of which will be shown on the fixture list in your 2021/22 handbook. Sadly in recent times the number of members attending these matches has dwindled and the Committee would like to advertise these events to all Female members to attend either at the Ladies Matches or with your Partner at the Mixed Pairs Matches.

To book a place at these Matches, details of which are all shown on the 2019/20 fixture list in your handbook, or for any queries please call Nick Mitchell on 07970 606558

Attendance to these matches would be greatly appreciated and would help save the events from cancellation

Asheldham stocking

I got a call Friday midday that the fish being supplied by the EA paid for from the rod licence money were on their way to Asheldham, There was around 1200 fish a mix of tench and crucians.

Shaun Mahoney

River Wid

Good to see new members trying out the clubs river Wid stretch at Skeggs Farm Writtle.  The new season began warm and bright - despite the low summer water levels fish were still caught.  Chub/chublets being the main target with dace roach and the odd perch putting in an appearance.  My contribution was half a dozen fish from the weir pool this chub of around 2 lbs being the best. NB- something BIG was on for a short while but my 2.5 lb hook link with size 18 double red maggot feeder fished rig proved no match in stopping its lunge for the far banks willow roots. Next time I will try beefing up the end rig as this pool is 8’ + deep, who knows what lies beneath? Large carp and a golden orfe have been rumoured!  I will also take a hat as it proved a real suntrap. 


Regards  Peter Yates – Fishery Officer

Many thanks in advance & to bailiff Barry - who managed a few good dace to worm from the downstream swims.ry Officer

March 2020 stocking

Here's some photo's of the netting of Falklands lake yesterday 1,000+ roach and skimmer have gone into Asheldham and 1.000+ into Thoby Wood .

Barleylands and Laundry Lake update

As of 1st November members with night permits for Barleylands and/or Laundry Lake may fish with 3 rods at these fisheries until 31st March 2020 providing they are in possesion of an Environment Agency 3 rod licence.

R Wid

 BDAC members can now park in the car park / industrial units at Skeggs farm (NOT the farm yard) this gated site is open weekdays between 6.00am and 10.30pm and at weekends can be accessed via a release button.

Chelmer and Maldon Canal committee representative

BDAC has joined the consortium of clubs that can fish this venue and requires a member to sit on the consorium committee to represent the club. Anyone interested should email the Club Secretary (

River Chelmer and Maldon Canal

The club has managed to secure the fishing on on the River Chelmer and Maldon Canal along with Maldon, Chelmsford and Colchester fishing club maps will be posted after the next committee meeting. BDAC rules apply plus the rules for the fishery listed below:

1. Close season applies 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

2. Anglers must not dig swims into bank.

3. No fish to be kept in captivity for longer than 6 hours and any fish showing signs of distress should be returned immediately.

4. Where a match is advertised, the stretch of water will be closed for fishing from both banks for 2 hours before and 1 hour after the match.

5. The use of live fish baits is not permitted.

6. Anglers fishing for carp and pike must use an unhooking mat.

7. Carp sacks are not to be used and carp over 5lbs will not be retained by any method, except during officially booked matches.

8. No fishing within 30 metres of any lock, nor within 15 metres of any bridge, weir, wharf, landing stage, permanent mooring or other navigational structure.

9. No fishing on that part of the waterway just above Daisy Meadow Car Park and Heybridge basin.

10. No fishing between Paper Mill road bridge and the upstream end of the towpath moorings at Paper Mill.

11. No fishing on that part of the waterway adjacent to Treasure Island at Little Baddow.

12. No fishing on that part of the waterway adjacent to the South Bank between Hall Bridge Heybridge and Heybridge basin.

13. No angler is to be inconsiderate or abusive towards other users of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation.

14. Anglers must not obstruct the towpath.

Barleylands New Car Park

Please use the official BDAC car park and lock the gate after use.

River Roding, Mitchells Farm Entrance

Following thefts from the farm, the owners have had to install a security gate near to the top of the drive from the A113. Members must ‘phone the company named on the sign at the gate, who will remotely give access. This is applicable both going in and out, when the gate is closed. The company is AGI Holdings, 01708 688105, and members must say that they are members of this Club. Their ‘phone will be answered 24 hours, but remember that this is a 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. stretch.
The car park at Shonks Mill bridge is unaffected, just to remind members that they must link our padlock through the farmer’s padlock, not through the chain.

Dogs at Barleylands

Following some issues with dogs causing problems on the fishery, in future "DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES"

Hicks Farm Parking


Windmill Lakes

 We are looking for Fishery officers to look after our Field and Swan lakes also our Old Island and Long Lakes. Please do not ring the number in the handbook or website as Colin Bell is no longer the fishery officer.

Anyone interested or requires more information please ring 07522 096393

Willow Mere

We have received a complaint from the Willowmere and Chasewater Angling Club, who have a lake in the Writtle area, not too far from our water, Willow Mere. Members of BDAC are not following the directions in our handbook, but have googled Willow Mere and found the lake of Willowmere and Chasewater A.C. They have accordingly been ejected by the farmer. Please check the directions in the club handbook.

Pike match - Straits Mill 2018

Numbers were a bit down this year possibly due to the weather. We were met with cold winds and heavy rain at the start but this didn't put the fish off as Jay had a jack first cast. The rain soon cleared to leave bright calm conditions. Not ideal but the pike were on the munch with more fish caught than last year. Everyone had a fish or two albeit mostly jacks and it looked like David Wilson would be taking the trophy thanks to the biggest fish of the session at 8lb 14oz. However last years winner Dave Twitchett managed a late fish of 8lb 8oz to add to his tally and retain his title! Herring mackerel smelt and roach all worked plus one on a lure. Once again a very enjoyable friendly match with a few quid raised for charity. Ken Brown.

Barleylands very important notice

The car park gate is to be kept locked at all times particularly at weekends. Please lock the car park gate when you enter and leave the fishery, to ensure only club members have access. Please read the venue rules.

Parking at BDAC venues

Members are reminded of Byelaw 11 "Except where indicated in the Club handbook, all cars must be parked in the official car park where one is provided and all gates to fisheries to be locked after entry and exit. Under no circumstances may cars be parked on roads adjacent to fisheries."

BDAC Privacy Statement

In order to comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, BDAC has published its Privacy Policy (see below).

Under the terms of GDPR, the club has been required to choose a lawful basis for holding personal data. In our case, we have chosen the basis of legitimate interests. This has a minimal privacy impact, such as contacting a member about their annual renewal.

BDAC Privacy Policy

Introduction of car parking charges at Fishers Green

The non fishery managers at Lee Valley Regional Park have decided to introduce car parking charges at a number of sites across the park in order to generate additional revenue. This is partly due to local authority councillors sitting on the management board deciding to reduce the amount their authorities have to payto run the park. under the act of parliament that set up the park in the 1960s.

Charges will be made using an ANPR camera installation in the two authority car parks (Fishers Green and Hooks Marsh) but not the anglers car parks behind the anglers padlocked gate at Stubbins Hall Lane. 

Fishers Green

  1. Cameras: 1st Camera logs vehicle moment in of all, The 2ndCamera logs movement of Anglers vehicles: the 3rd Camera logs all movement of visitors to F/Green Sailing Club, therefore any vehicles not appearing on cameras 2 & 3 will be charged as they will be logged as using the main car park.
  2. Consideration is being given to a secondary/inner car park option inside the anglers gate, however this will probably need a planning application to both EFDC and Natural England, therefore will take a time to process.
  3. Unfortunately all vehicles going into the main Fishers Green Car Park (see 1) will be charged after one hour commencing 9thMarch 2018
  4. This applies anytime during any 24 hour period.


Hooks Marsh

  1. The park is currently in contact with the Corporation of London regarding the use of the Police Pit Car Park at the bottom right of Fishers Green Lane.
  2. There may be the option to explore the possibility of using a section of Chapmans Field on Left hand side going down Fishers Green Lane however this as in 2) above will require planning permission. Unfortunately  LVRP start from this point in time in regard to submission of the relevant planning applications which shall require both assistance and cooperation from others within the Authority.
  3. Finally if you wish to make submission of a complaint, this is where these should be directed: 03000 030610

Keepnet Ban

With the exception of official BDAC matches (see handbook) keepnets are banned on all fisheries until further notice, due to a KHV outbreak in Essex. Please ensure landing nets, stink bags, carp mats, weigh slings etc are dried in sunlight before bringing them to club waters.


Leaving gates open WILL lose Club waters, and anyone found leaving or entering fisheries without locking our gates WILL face serious disciplinary action from the Committee.

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